Hooked Project Party

It is time to throw a party! In these strange times, with days getting shorter – finding a few moments with favourite hobby really helps.

That is why I was so eager to put my hands on Mathew’s new fabric line called Hooked. We all know he is a passionate crochet maker and now it is proved. Hooked is colourfull and joyful, great for sewng knitting/crotchet accesories.

I must admit – crochet is not my thing. I know how to operate, but I am not a fan. And that is fine. There are plenty of hobbies to choose from 😉

I love sewing and knitting. During pandemic I renewed my knitting skills and I fell in love (again).

That is why I knew instantly what I would like to sew from Hooked.

These two knitting project bags are made entirely from Mister Domestic’s Hooked collection. I divided it into two colourways and started making hexies. Cause hexies are always a good start 😉

As I said there are fabrics just perfect for fussy cutting within this line.

I did not use any pattern for my Knitting Bags – made a sketch and it worked nice.

I can use it as a yarn divider – as you can see on the picture I have stranded colourwork project and there are at least four yarns to work with.

Oh, and that project coordinates perfect with the colours of one of the knitting bags!

I would not be myself without a hand stitching – I appliqued hexie panels using the black thread. It always works 😉

Hope you liked my makes. Our party is full of gorgeous projects – you can check them by clicking here (that is Mister Domestic’s original blog post with the whole Project Party schedule).

Tomorrow her makes will reveal Shannyn Caldwell – I can not wait!


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